Welcome to Table Mountain School

A Message from the Principal

Table Mountain School is a place where students can achieve academic success…and much more.  Along with core curriculum and instruction to meet graduation requirements, TMS students examine the following three R’s:

The first R is Relationships.

Table Mountain School students have the opportunity to reflect on their personal relationships while they are here.  While relationships are among the most important things in life, they also contain some of life’s hardest lessons.

the three r'sThe next R is Resilience.

This is the idea that every time our youth endure a hardship, they become stronger people.  It means that this difficult time in their lives can be used to their advantage to build character.

The final R is Responsibility.

Our definition of responsibility includes, of course taking care of business.  Additionally, TMS provides opportunities for students to learn new ways to respond to difficult situations.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and/or concerns regarding your student’s educational goals and progress. 
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